AcroYoga with Loli & Gabe
In our workshops we offer a variety of movement qualities coming from Acrobatics, Yoga, Functional Movement, Thai Massage and Dance. The combination of these disciplines opens up a unique space for exploration.

Who we are
We are two movement enthusiasts that bring the perfect combination onto the mat. Our approach to AcroYoga is gentle, playful yet sophisticated. During our training times we put alot of focus on sustainability, communication and trust. Our mission is to offer a holistic and safe movement practice that is empowering and fun.

Why AcroYoga?
We believe that AcroYoga is the perfect playground to gain flexibility, balance and strength. Come and reconnect to your inner child while learning to collaborate and finding creative solutions as a team. The practice is filled with exercises that challenge your body and mind; the good news is that it keeps you in shape without you even noticing.

Upcoming Events 2021:

Discover Thai Massage – A Multi-level Workshop (4.7. @ Zurich CH)

Past Events 2020:
Beginner Workshop (25.10. @ Baden CH)

Starting Tricks (15.11. @ Zurich CH)

Foundational Flows (13.12. @ Baden CH)

Creative Flows (10.4. @ Zurich CH)

Massage Workshop  (12.4. @ Zurich CH)

Invite us to your city
You want us to teach in your local studio? Send us an email clicking on this link.

Impressions from previous workshops

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