Volunteering with barefootyoga.me

Each year we are looking for volunteers/exchangers who are willing to support us during our retreat season in Europe. With a small deductible (food & accomodation) you can be part of our adventure while contributing something useful to our community. You will be working 2/3 of your day (aproxmiately 5-6 hours) and join one workshops for free daily. Besides working together in a team of individuals there are several other advantages of volunteering with us… Read more below!

During our one week-long training you will learn how to live in a community based environment. Tasks like doing the groceries, cooking, decorating the eating area, serving food, helping to set up and clean the facility… all this and plenty more will be on your daily to do list. Good news, we’d like to give something back and invite you to join one workshop for free each day. You and your volunteer team will divide amongst each other and choose which classes you will participate. Of course you are very welcome to also join our sharing circles and community campfire sessions in the evening times.

Your advantages in detail: 

  • Spend time with us at magical places in Slovenia, Spain or Croatia
  • Work in an environment of open minded people sharing what they love
  • Be part of an international team and meet people from all around the globe
  • Learn how to prepare different vegan/vegetarin dishes
  • Join one class for free each day, that could be (see retreat time table)
  • You can camp on our beautiful campsite directly where the retreat takes place
  • Only costs involved are 190.- € deductible for your food and accomodation
  • Find a ride with another volunteer or participant (see link after registration)

What we expect from our Volunteers: 

  • Bring positive vibes and motivation to co-create!
  • Be ready to cook for 30 – 50 huuuungry movement enthusiasts 🙂 
  • You will be working in a team of 3 to 6 people. At our bigger retreats we have a professional cook on sight who will coordinate the tasks in the kitchen.
  • Each volunteer has 2 shifts per day (approx. 5-6 hours) with tasks incl. cutting vegetables, preparing & serving food, cleaning the kitchen and…
  • During the week there will be 3 team meetings you need to participate.
  • Please note that on the arrival & departure day we will have to set up and take down the kitchen & training space. (2-3 hours of work all together)

Any questions left?

Start your journey with barefootyoga.me today: http://barefootyoga.me/registration-vol/

Om Shanti – www.barefootyoga.me