– Quantum Soul (20th July – 26th July 2019)

Quantum Soul Retreat 2019 Retreats for Heart n’ Soul ॐ
In our retreats we are teaching basic and advanced techniques with up to 8 hours of daily practice, including Acrobatics, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Thai Massage & Meditation. Together we are going to explore the offerings of a professional movement based mentoring customized to the practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice but will also unfold an essential aspect of your innermost self.


About the Practice:

This retreat is offering you a wide range of playful elements, including important principles of Acrobatics (L-basing, Washing Machines, Whips, Pops & Flows), Functional Movement, Open Play, Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Martial Arts, Bodywork, Yin Yoga and much more. The heart of this week will be about cultivating trust, strength and flexibility, within ourselves and as a group.

Our Goal:

Doesn’t matter if you are a pro, or have little to no experience in AcroYoga or Acrobatics. We will be teaching two levels simultaneously to make sure that everyone is getting their dose of matching input. Beginner/Intermediate participants will learn a solid, holistic foundation in AcroYoga & Partner Acrobatics. Intermediate/Advanced participants will be focusing on L-basing Tempos (whips, pops & dynamic entries/exits, as well the art of hand2hand and handbalancing).

Your Holliday Package:
Alongside the intensive practice (its up to you how many classes you’re going to join), you will find many opportunities to spend your time outdoors. Refresh yourself in lake Bohinj, take a walk around the lake, explore the surrounding nature of Triglavski National Park and visit the stunning Sevica waterfalls. If you love water this is the place to be! Local sport agencies are offering a variety of activities like cave explorations, SUP and rafting.

Staying in the house:
All rooms are equipped with blankets, pillows, bedding and towels. Sleeping indoors means you will share a room with 1-3 other people and sometimes even share a double bed with someone. In case you desire more privacy we recommend to go for the tent option (more details in the next section).

Staying in a tent:
As we are based in the national park, camping is only allowed in the permitted areas (i.e. the official campsite Zlatorog Lake Bohinj). Once you have filled out the registration form we will send you a PDF with further information about how to prepare yourself. Please note that in case you are planning to camp you will have to bring your own camping gear (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, etc.)

Daily routine:
Following a playful warm-up of functional movement & yoga, we will work on building up a substantial skill set in acrobatics. In this time of the day each one of you will find their own level and achievements. The integration and focus on inversions, handstands and L-basing flows will be an essential foundation to start with. In the afternoon we dedicate our time to the playful side of moving. There will be optional classes, contact improvisation and personal movement coaching waiting for you. Take this time as an opportunity to work on specific tricks and refine them with your barefootyoga teachers. After a full day of moving & exploring we will round the day up with a feasty dinner and a connective bodywork practice or yin yoga.

08:00-09:30 Yoga
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:30 Acrobatics
13:30-16:00 Lunch & Siesta
16:00-17:30 Games & FTC (free training with coaches)
17:30-18:30 Jam
18:30-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Bodywork & Yin Yoga

• Basics & Technique
• Flow & Rhythm
• Choreography & Body language
• Partner Calibrations & Progressions
• Endless Fun & Community Spirit
• All Levels are welcome!


The Venue:
Surrounded by mountains and crystal clear water we will reside amidst a Slovenian natural park. Your riverside rooms within our shared apartments include access to a private kitchen and a bathroom. The gentle humming of the river is so omnipresent that it’ll be easy to pour our full energy into the adventure of movement exploration. Follow the river (top 3 cleanest rivers in Europe) for about 5 minutes to reach Lake Bohinj and enjoy the fresh water up close. Every night when the sky is clear and the moon is out, it is a breathtaking experience to gaze at the reflection of the moon on the lake.

Dining with us:
We strive to provide you local and seasonal food from eco-villages and organic markets around the area. Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian delights from our kitchen.

Your Quantum Soul Team 2019:

Mito FlyingMonkey

Born and raised in Germany, Mito now lives a nomadic lifestyle exploring and teaching movement, acrobatics, Yoga and bodywork. Movement and its diverse effects and qualities have blessed Mito with lots of precious moments, insights and connections. From (re)discovering the joy of play and exploration, to health, power and freedom, to teamwork and social skills, and even to profound spirituality. Now it is also part of his passion to share these experiences. In his workshops he intends to facilitate a holistic, transformative experience of embodiment, where open and sincere experiencing of movement, the self and others can happen in a natural, intuitive and joyful way. A place where the inner child can thrive and shine.
Ishine Gape

Originally from Austria, Gape loves to spend his time traveling, eating yummi food and taking photos. With a heart full of humor and well sized arms to hug almost everything, he is facilitating a wide variety of workshop worldwide. Gape is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the oppertunity to embrace his students and encourage them to find freedom through movement and touch. Gape (founder of & ishine photography), is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well Massage Therapist with over 10 years of experience. He will be hosting this retreat and share his passion towards acro & movement.
Patrizia Liebisch

Patrizia zeichnet sich besonders durch ihre offene und einfühlsame Art aus. Ihre Liebe zur Natur und zum Sport, vereint sie beim Klettern und Slacklinen, wobei besonders Balance und Kraft eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Auf ihren Reisen genießt sie es ihren Horizont stetig zu erweitern und im Austausch mit anderen zu sein. Seit drei Jahren führen sie ihre Wege immer wieder auf Retreats, Acro Conventions und Workshops, wo sie sich gerne von anderen Lehrern und Stilen inspirieren lässt.
David Suppan

David, creator of Simian Yoga, reaches out to evolutionary movement, training body and mind holistically. With his experiences in Yoga, Capoeira, Parkour and athletic sports, David unites a lot of components from different disciplines to guide you to your inner strength.
David lives in Graz, Austria with his family and works as a Yoga and Movement teacher. Explore your body with playfulness. Find new paths and experience what you are made for.
Lisa Looping

Lisa is based in Vienna but loves to travel the world to spread her love for AcroYoga and Hula Hooping. She spends her winters in Asia, preferably Thailand, India and Bali. Her ultimate goal in life is to contributing to other people’s happiness and to lead a happy and meaningful life herself at the same time. Lisa is a full time professional Multi-Hoop-Artist and passionately teaching AcroYoga classes and workhsops and Aerial Yoga teacher trainings and retreats. She is 2nd level certified by AcroYoga Internatioal and currently trained to become an immerison teacher. Lisa follows her motto „Do more of what makes you truly happy“.
Cooper T Beconnsall

Cooper T Becconsall is a certified Acro addict.. He’s also a passionate advocate for finding the “Art of Balance” within movement, human self development / community / environment & deepening heart connections with playful authenticity.. He has been on this acro journey of self discovery since the bug bit in 2014, seeking out & searching for the embodiment of this practice, worldwide.. Cooper has a keen eye for detail & refinement (virgo rising haha) Fundamental / foundational basics & things that flow. He loves the complexity, depth & multiple layers found within this practice & this is what he loves to share, help inspire & nurture in others.

Language: This retreat will be taught in English

Beginning & End times of the Retreat:
Arrival: Saturday July 20th, 2019 – Your rooms will be available at 3 pm. Around 6 pm we will offer you dinner followed by a welcome circle with an introduction to the weeks schedule at 8 pm.
Departure: Friday July 26th, 2019 – We will conclude our retreat with the breakfast and departure at 10 am the latest.

The price includes:
6 x Lodging (All rooms are equipped with towels, sheets etc. Please bring your own tent if you chose the tent option)
3 warm vegetarian meals a day
8 hours of teachings daily
Holiday and training all wrapped into a juicy package

Price for your holiday package:
Price range from 700€ to 800€. For more info check the registration link.

Register here:

Ukanc 67a,
4265 Bohinj, Slovenia

By Car:
Ljubljana – Bohinj 1:20 h
Graz – Bohinj 3:15 h
Vienna – Bohinj 5:00 h
Munich – Bohinj 4:40 h

By Plane:
Nearest airport is Ljubljana (85 km). There is a bus going every hour and the bus station is just 3 min away from our venue. (If you plan on taking this bus, please let us know and we will send you further details.) A Uber Taxi from the airport costs about €50,00 – €70,00 (check out car pooling)

Car pooling:
Looking for a ride? Post your inquiry on our facebook event page “ – Quantum Soul 2019” or have a look in the doodle car pooling link we send you after your registration.

Email: [email protected]

The hosting of this Retreat is supported by Japanero –

Love, light and happiness,

your Team

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