Peaceful Warrior Flow

Peaceful Warrior Flow

It took us about 6 months to work on the Peaceful Warrior Flow. It involved hundreds of hours of sweat, endless days of refining movement routines and some determination! We believe that teamwork is the force in life that builds up honesty, truthfulness & community. Anybody out there seeking for self-realization shall find their fullest potential through something so empowring like Partner Acrobatics.

Watch the full Video here!

The Making Of

This is the making of from our Peaceful Warrior shooting. Soon there will be more footage, as well a full 3 minute video of an epic flow by our young and talented Acrobats Ishine Gape & Anna Van Scharrel.

Watch the making of of the shooting here!

Images from the making of

So much fun shooting with the crew at Orpheum Graz. Lex was setting up all day, me and Anna were getting the costumes ready and Andrea added some magic with her make up. All in all a wonderful day filled with so much action and real good fun.

People are awesome feature

When “people are awesome” featured us we were blowen away by the responses we got. Our video got 14 million views in just 2 weeks. We got emails from people from all around the globe and were absolutely happy to have made it amongst the viral ones 😉
Beautiful Acroyoga Duo

The balance is strong in this one ✨

Posted by People Are Awesome on Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Credits and big up goes to:

Video & Edit
Susanne Hassler ~

il:lo – reine (ft. brain blake) ~

Crew & Special Thanks
Alexander Karelly
Heimo Reisenhofer
Andrea Malessardi

Minoritensaal Graz