– One Level Up Retreat (23. – 29. Juli 2018)

One Level Up Retreat 2018 Retreats for Heart n’ Soul
In our Retreats we are teaching basic and advanced techniques with 8 hours of daily practice including Acrobatics, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Thai Massage & Meditation. Together we are going to explore the offerings of a professional movement based mentoring customised to the practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice but will also unfold an essential aspect of your most inner self.

About the practice:
This retreat is offering you a wide range of playful elements, including important principals of Acrobatics (L-basing, Partner-Acro, Dutch & Israeli Flows, Washing Machines), Monkey Business, Open Play, Contact Improv, Axis Syllabus and much more. The heart of this week will be about cultivating trust, strength and flexibility, within ourselves and as a community of dedicated movers. You gonna practice up to 35 hours and fine tune your AcroYoga skills. We will especially deal with tricks and flows of the world of L-basing, which are known as “washing machines” in the American AcroYoga scene. In consecutive steps you will learn how to base, fly and spot flows of different levels. Progressions will be the central point of our practice. We will deal with questions like: How can I make use of gravity, momentum, body language and communication skills?

Your Holliday Package:
Alongside the intensive practice (its up to you how many classes you’re going join) you will find many opportunities to spend your time outdoors. You have the chance to explore the surrounding nature, take an afternoon stroll to the viewpoint or a quick ride into town.

Daily routine:
Following a variety of the morning movement improvements, you will learn how to build up the day with an important skill set. In this time of the day each one of you will find their own level and achievements. The integration and focus on handstands, L-basing (Laying Acroabtics) and S-basing (Standing Acrobatics) will be an important aspects of our daily routine. In the afternoon we dedicate our time to the playful side of moving. Elements out of different Acrobatic styles combined in a flow as well Adagio (Dance Acrobatics) will be your main game untill we follow up with a feasty dinner and a final connective bodywork practice before we go to bed.

08:00-09:30 Warm Up
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:30 AcroYoga Skills (Handstands, Drills & Yang Practice)
13:30-16:00 Lunch & Siesta
16:00-18:30 AcroYoga Flows (Mixed Grill & Fine Tune)
18:30-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:30 Bodywork & Sunset Walk (alternating)

• Level Up Basics & Technique
• Flow & Rhythm
• Choreography & Body language
• Partner Calibrations & Progressions
• Endless Fun & Community Spirit

Special focus of this Retreat:
*Level 1&2 Washing Machines (get your Acro-vocabulary out)
*Inversion Training (shoulderstands, handstands & hand2hand)
*Flow Lab (interactive exploration of various transitions)
*Standing Acrobatics & Trio’s (teamwork and high acro)
*Whips & Pops (dynamic tempos)

*Being able to do leg variations in headstand without spotter (Shirsasana or Tripod)!
*Hold a handstand on the wall for 30 seconds comofortable (Bones stacked)
*Fly or base following tricks: Bird, Star, Rev.Star, Sides Star
*In order to make sure you got what it takes 😉 we request to send us a short video by mail where you eather base or fly some tricks!

About the Venue:
Reini & Emma ( have been our hosts for the past 5 years. The location is nicely arranged and cozy. We have to admit we could not imagine a better place to host our Level Up Retreats. We will be located in a little town nearby is a view point (walk 10 minutes) and get a stunning scenery to sungaze, meditate and take epic pictures. Blipcollective are committed to the development of socially driven dance research, and provide residency opportunities for dancers and practitioners in their work. Our aim is to generate and exchange diverse methods that allow for creative growth and transformation.

Dining with us:
We strive to provide you local and seasonal food from eco-villages and organic markets around the area. Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian delights from our kitchen.

Your One Level Up Team 2018:

Ishine Gape
Is well known for his dynamic, humorous and at the same time profound teaching. He is a trained massage therapist, yoga and acrobatics teacher, social worker and globetrotter and has been working in the field of body works for more than 10 years. Gabriel is the owner and creator of and spreads his love for movement and teamwork all over Austrian and Europe. His goal is to lead people back into a life filled with joy and lightness. Gabriel: “The only way into valuable, free and sustainable living is to recognise the value of community and the confrontation on every little layer.”
Anna Van Scharrel
Anna is going to co-teach this retreat. Anna has received her dance training at the Professional School for Ballet and Dance in Graz and is currently studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. She is an integral member of the community and because of her background she integrates a set of artistic qualities into our teaching. Anna will guide you through the retreat with her energetic, open-hearted and empathetic style. Anna is a dancer, musician, full-time Acrobat and our longest member.
Mito TheFlyingMonkey
The love for movement, for exploring the possibilities of our bodies individually and with others, as well as the diverse aspects and qualities emerging from it have blessed Mito with lots of precious moments, insights and connections. In his classes he does not only impart information, technique and skills. He creates a space where open sincere experience of movement, the self and other humans can happen in a natural, joyful and spontaneous way. Mito will be sharing his passion about quality movement, progressions and flows. He is a certified teacher, full time AcroYogi as well as one of’s earliest members. 
Aurora Bowkett
Aurora, a UK based travelling yoga teacher, found her passion for movement when she began her yoga journey in 2016. Inquisitive and dedicated, she seeks ways to balance the body in creatively sequenced yoga flows, focusing on stabilization within openness. She likes to infuse movements inspired by her backgrounds in dance & martial arts with the traditionally holistic approach of yoga to form a functional yet intuitive understanding of how the body works. Also a classically trained singer and musician, Aurora can also be heard singing random operatic arias – although not during class! - and likes to think her ability to talk for hours without taking a breath is down to her daily practice of pranayama.


Language: This retreat will be taught in English and German (if needed).

Beginning & End times of the Retreat:
Arrival: Monday July 23rd, 2018 – Your rooms will be available from 4 pm on. Around 6 pm we will offer you dinner including our welcome circle & introduction to our weakly schedule.
: Sunday, 29th of July, 2018 – We will conclude our retreat with a breakfast and departure at 10 am.

The price includes:
6 x lodging in tents or tripple bed room
(good news all beds, inkl. tents are FULLY equipped)
3 warm vegetarian meals a day
8 hours of workshops daily
Holiday and training
Meeting true friends for life

Registration: Please click this link for further Information about your booking:

Love, Light and Happiness wishes you,
the team










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