– Movement = LIFE Retreat 2021

Movement = LIFE Retreat (12th July – 18th July 2021)
This retreat was brought into life by the two movement enthusiasts and creative minds David Suppan and Gabriel Schüers. Both are deeply passionate about yoga, acrobatics, martial arts, dance, and most importantly, moving in nature while simplifying life by using what their immediate environment has to offer. Together they have gathered more than two decades’ worth of experience in this field, ready to share their movement knowledge with you.

About the format:
Each session will be based on one of the five pillars of movement (pushing, pulling, dancing, sculpting and breathing). There will be daily movement classes on the mats, in the grass and in the local woods. Our goal is to be working with our bodies as much as with natural materials like clay, wood, rocks and everything else we will find on our journey. The core of this week will be about cultivating a new skill set, building neuro-muscular pathways and tactile strategies to face any challenge yourself.

Our teaching style:
David and Gabe are both experienced movers ready to embrace their students with whatever prior movement experience they bring to the mats. Together they will offer a uniquely designed and multi-level movement camp, tailored to broaden the horizon of their students.
Daily routine:
Following a warm-up of functional movement, breathwork and yoga, we will start building up the day with a fundamental skill set in martial arts, parkour and floor acrobatics. Be ready to broaden your horizon in close contact with nature and fellow  participants. While lunch and a relaxing siesta will give you enough energy to recharge your batteries, we dedicate the afternoons to a more playful side of moving mixed with contact games, partner acrobatics, dance and sculpting. Before moving into the evening break, we will recline and integrate the principals which we have learned over the day in a sharing circle and with some journaling. Last but not least, we round off the day with a nourishing meal and a connective therapeutics class, yin yoga or meditation.

Level & skill requirement:
Whether you have some experience in yoga or acrobatics, or any other sort of movement practice, this retreat offers you to learn more about yourself and your limitations. We will be getting out of our comfort zone on a daily basis but also finding support and shelter amongst like-minded others and the barefootyoga community. This week is as much for beginners as it is for intermediate movers. Therefore, the prerequisites are less skill dependent but rather motivation-based.

Prerequisites for this week are a certain form of readiness to:
  • get out of your comfort zone
  • get in close contact to nature (mud, charcoal and forest soil)
  • move beyond any limitations
  • share your story with others

08:00-09:30 Movement & Yoga
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:30 Movement Skills #1 (martial arts, parkour & floor acrobatics)
13:30-15:30 Lunch & Siesta
15:30-18:00 Movement Skills #2 (partner acro, dancing, sculpting & journaling)
18:00-19:30 Dinner
19:30-21:00 Therapeutics (bodyworks, yin yoga & meditation)

• Learning the basics of the 5 Pillars of Movement
• Flow, Rhythm & Technique
• Choreography & Body language
• Functional Movement & Martial Arts
• Partner Calibrations & Drills
• Work in & with Natural Materials
• Vision Quest & Journaling

The venue:
The farm is located 650m high in the middle of the meadows, on the outskirts of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. With the magnificent view on the Skofja Loka Hills, the Karavanke and the Julian Alps, we will find shelter in a simple but well equipped farm house made for up to 35 people. We also offer 10 camping spots for those who want to be fully immersed into nature. We will be sharing rooms with 3-4 people in total. Each room has a bathroom and a shared kitchen. In addition to the peaceful surroundings and fresh air, the certified eco farm (who produces milk and cheese) offers the perfect environment to switch of and recharge.

Dining with us:

We strive to provide local and seasonal food from the eco farm itself and organic markets around the area as much as possible. Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegan and vegetarian delights made by our famous barefootyoga kitchen crew.

Your Movement = LIFE Team 2021:

David Suppan

David, creator of Simian Yoga, reaches out to evolutionary movement, training body and mind holistically. With his experiences in Yoga, Capoeira, Parkour and athletic sports, David unites a lot of components from different disciplines to guide you to your inner strength.
David lives in Graz, Austria with his family and works as a Yoga and Movement teacher. Explore your body with playfulness. Find new paths and experience what you are made for.
Gabriel Schüers

Originally from Austria, Gabe loves to spend his time traveling, learning about other cultures and eating foreign food. With a heart full of humor and arms so long he once managed to hug 5 people at once, he is facilitating a wide variety of trainings in Europe and South East Asia. Gabe is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the opportunity to welcome and embrace people from all walks of life and encourage them to find freedom through movement and touch.

Language: This retreat will be taught in English and German (optional)

Beginning & end times of the retreat:
Arrival: Monday July 12th, 2021 – Your rooms will be available from 4 pm onwards. Around 6 pm we will offer you dinner, followed by a welcome circle with an introduction to our week schedule at 8 pm.

Departure: Sunday July 18th, 2021 – We will conclude our retreat with the breakfast and departure at 10 am the latest.

Early arrivals / late departure:
In case it makes your travel itinerary easier (i.e. cheaper flights) you can book your extra days directly with the farm. Once you have signed up we are sending you a PDF with all the information and a contact email of the farm manager.

The price includes:
6 x lodging (all rooms are equipped with towels, sheets etc.)
6 x onsite camping (bring your own camping equipment if you choose to camp)
3 x warm vegetarian meals a day
8 hours of workshop content daily
Holiday and training all wrapped into a juicy package

Price for your holiday package:
Price range from € 650 – € 800

Returning students and “bring-a-friend” bookings will get up € 50 discount
Joining more than one retreat a year will give you an extra € 100 discount (once)
For more information please click the registration link in the below or contact us


Additional booking info: During times of COVID we have installed a 100% refund policy. Means in case you can not show up at our retreat (travel restrictions or illness) you will get a full refund. We have a safety concept in place which follow the most recent guidelines of the local government.

How to get there:
By car:
Ljubljana – Skofja Loka 1:00 h
Graz – Skofja Loka 2:45 h
Vienna – Skofja Loka 4:00 h
Munich – Skofja Loka 4:00 h

By Plane:
Nearest airport is Ljubljana, (45min taxi ride away)
Further away airport is Triest (2,5h by bus/train to ljubljana and 1h to Predmost)

Car pooling:
Are you offering or looking for a ride? On your registration we will send you link to a google spread sheet which you can use to connect to other participants and share a possible ride with.

Any questions left? Please do not hesitate to contact us by email!

Email: [email protected]

Love & light,
your Team