Links & Friends
Ishine Photography formally known as Ishine Gape, is an Austrian acrobatics & yoga teacher, world traveler and all time acro-monkey. Bringing his love for Acrobatics, Yoga, Bodywork & Photography to you.
Our Partner Acrobatics programs cover many different acrobatic disciplines including standing acrobatics, handstand training, washing machines, trio tricks, Icarian games and much more. This physical intensity is balanced out with our therapeutic sessions, which aim to heal and restore the body. At the heart of our training programs is the concept of sustainability – the use of proper alignment and the principles of sports science to increase performance and decrease the risk of pain and/or injury.
Blipcollective are committed to the development of socially driven dance research, and provide residency opportunities for dancers and practitioners in their work. Our aim is to generate and exchange diverse methods that allow for creative growth and transformation. Here we can offer an environment that nurtures the exploration process. Blip Base welcomes  Dancers, Choreographers and Movement Practitioners who uplift social understanding through art and awareness. Our space is open for you to deliver workshops, retreats and for your research projects.
Sunshine House is a traditional, old country home and grounds of 5 generations, situated on the island of Evia, Greece. Over the past ten years it has been used as a kind of sanctuary, exploring healing techniques of the east and the West, where many people have come to learn, share and grow.
Is a young collective of photographers and editors from Graz, Austria. They have been shooting the peaceful warrior flow for and are some gifted acrobats joining many of our trainings. Its a blast to have them as family members and friends in our community!
The guys at imagin-abel believe that yoga is for everyone. It encourages us to treat ourselves and others with honesty and empathy. It empowers us to cut through the bullshit of everyday life and take nourishing decisions. And hell yes, it gives you a badonkadonk. imagin-abel stands for authenticity and serenity. They like Gin Tonic and eat a steak every now and then. They love life in all its facets – open and value-free – without putting a yogic halo on our heads.
Rosemary Wallace’s gentle touch and cranio sacral workshops all around the globe turns peoples worlds upside down, opens hearts and digs deep into the principals of grace, integrity and not to forget laughter.
Gabriele Schüers has dedicated the last 35 years being a loving mother, deep friend and professional counselor. Her work has touched thousends of people and in her teachings she passes on the real spirit of aloha, healing from heart, intimacy, physical and emotional nurturing. The “return of feminine energy” is a special focus in Gabrieles work.
Acro Monkey from Bavaria be prepared for Mito the Flying Monkey! Mito is a full time AkroYogi and certified instructor. He is a friend for life, dedicated to the truth and eager to learn more then anybody else on this planet. Check him out!
A beautiful yoga centre outside Barcelona, run by our dear friends Pau, Isis and Wari. With hearts full of joy and positive energy they are offering different courses to topics like Thai Massage, Yoga and Acroyoga.
The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to people from all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga. An uplifting open hearted gathering with world leading Yoga teachers and musical artists creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.
Thich Naht Thanh is a Vietnamese Zen master, poet, writer and human rights activist who has established a monastery in South France, dedicated to sharing the practice of meditation, mindfulness and loving kindness
Martina von Prana Kitchen is a massage therapist, certified yoga teacher and founder of “the Pranakitchen Project”. Pranakitchen stands for a consciouss nutrition and joy while doing it. Diet is more then just eating. Pranakitchen shows what is possible and how we can chose our ingrediants thoughtful and smart to unfold our fullest potential.
Turning sparks of possibility into flames of achievement, and building trust all over the world. At Flying High Acrobatics we work with highly educated instructors and experienced partners to offer quality events all over the world. We strongly belive in, practicing in a sustainable way, empowering practicioners with knowlede.