GTC – General Terms and Conditions

Conditions of participation
The organiser states that each participant is fully responsible for herself/himself and
her/his actions inside and outside the event. This is especially true for physical exercises
which are carried out individually, with partners or in a group. The signee agrees that
she/he is in a sufficiently healthy and physically resilient state in order to participate in
the event. The course instructor has to be informed about existing injuries before the
course starts to make sure special needs can be taken into account. During class, each
participant executes the positions/flows as described by the instructor, without
overstepping his/her limits. If needed, variations of different positions are shown for
various levels. Each participant is responsible for damage caused by herself/himself and
exempts the organiser of liability claims.

Registration, registration confirmation, validity
Registration for all our courses/seminars/workshops has to be done through our website.
With a completed registration form, you confirm that you agree to our General Terms
and Conditions. Course fees and payments vary according to the Workshop module. The
registration is binding after receiving the confirmation mail; for more information see
section “Withdrawal, cancellation”.

Postponement, event cancellation, disclaimer reserves the right to cancel, postpone or relocate an announced or
current seminar schedule for organisational or commercial reasons. In case of a
change/shift you will be informed immediately and payments will be reimbursed, if you
do not agree with the alternate date. Private purchased bus, train or airplane tickets for
arrival and departure can not be refunded in such a case.

Withdrawal, cancellation:

Class / Course / Workshop
Cancellation two weeks prior to the workshop is possible. In this case
will only keep 25% of your course fee for the administrative outlay. In case of
cancellation less than two weeks up to three days prior to the workshop 50% of the
course fee will be refunded. If you cancel within three days before the course/workshop
starts or terminate it, the entire fee is due or you provide a substitute participant.

After receiving the confirmation mail, 15% of the total costs have to be paid in case of
cancellation. If you cancel between two months and two weeks before the retreat starts
25% of the total amount has to be paid. If you cancel within two weeks before the
retreat starts 50% of the entire fee is due or you provide a substitute participant. If you
terminate while the retreat is running the is it the organizers right to keep the whole
amount of your retreat costs.

Disclaimer of liability
All information provided on the website ( is checked carefully.
Still, there’s no guarantee that the data is up to date and/or complete at all times. This
applies especially to links to other websites. Information can be added, changed or
deleted without prior notice.

Kind regards,
your Team