– FTC

What is FTC?
FTC also known as “free training with coaches” is a concept that will help you to develop a self-determined practice. During this time you can choose the moves you would like to work on.
Our teacher’s team will be present giving you refinements, tips as well as further progressions to empower your practice.

In the first half of our training, our sessions are all based on set workshops. We will be building on fundational skills in two levels (beginner & intermediate). In order for you to work on your favourite skills, there will be a program called FTC (free training with coaches) available in the afternoons of the second half of the training.

Why FTC?

This training format was requested by our returning student’s to get more individual coaching and training time. It also supports the idea of working 1on1 with a coach to improve your skill level. With this format we are aiming to bring more diversity and individual development to our students learning experience.