– FTC

While our morning sessions are based on set workshops, we have decided to spend our afternoon hours in a different manner. The FTC (free training with coaches) is a newly born concept and will help you to develope your individual skill set. In this time frame you can chose with whom and what specific material you want to work on. All teachers will be present in this time of the day, giving you refinements, tips, tricks and further progressions.

Here is how it works:

-> In our retreats you will asked to what you want to work on, for example:

  • elements of L-basing
  • handstands & inversions
  • hand2hand
  • icarian games
  • standing acrobatics

But also other material we cover throughout the week and you might be interested in, like:

  • yoga flows
  • contact improvisation
  • martial arts
  • thai massage & flying therapeutics

-> Each day we will make an introduction to open the FTC and apart from supporting you on your journey, we will add some extras challange you according to your level.

Why FTC?

This training format was requested by our returning students to get more individual coaching and training time. It also supports the idea of working 1on1 with a coach to improve in specific elements. We hope that our training format will bring much diversity and individual progressions to our studetns.