– Family Yoga Retreat

Dear parents, we want to thank you for your interest in taking part in our Spring Upside Down retreat! Families who have come in the past have helped us to refine our offerings and make this event unique and relaxed for our children and their parents. In this retreat we strive to give you and your offspring the best holiday and training experience. Where else could be better then in beautiful Croatia? The venue offers two pools, a big outdoor area, as well a big training space with puzzle mats for your comfort to train. Under supervision your kids will be playing at the pool and around the training space where we have a huge amount of grass and playground to explore. The afternoon schedule is up to your choice and you can either continue to train or take a stroll to the beach and enjoy Istrias finest coast!
We will have 2 care takers at the venue (mostly volunteers who have experience with children or even kindergarten teachers) who will offer their time to play, tinker, sing, swim and explore the playground with the children. Our caretakers will be on duty, holding space from 8:00-9:30 (yoga), 11:00-13:30 (acro) as well as one hour in the afternoon session (16.00-17.00). We will be also offering little snacks (fruits and nuts) in these times as we all know how much kids like to snack in between and often don’t eat that much during the main meal hours. The rest of the afternoon and evening you can take your kids to the beach and or take them to the evening circles where we sing, give each other massage or spend our time at the campfire telling stories! Please note that in between the movement classes and while food is being served you will have to take care of your children yourself.
Parents with children from the age 0-5 years:
In the past we made the experience that children between 0-4 years need their parents the most. But this is very individual to each child! So here a little advice we want to give you before you decide to come: Children between 0-2 years children are usually still in the breast feed phase and sleep a lot, that’s not much of a problem but please note that this means you will not be able to participate on all the classes for a full 100%. Also for children between 2-4 sometimes 5 they still need a lot of attention from their parents, so in this case we highly recommend —-> to bring a second parent or adult friend with you <—- who only pays half price but doesn’t take part in the classes! This option is perfect for children between 0-5 as we also offer parents to alternately take part on the movement classes while the other one is hanging out with the kids. This is good for us, for you and for your children!
Parents with children of 5 years and older:
Children at the age of 5+ are more likely to stay with the child care by themselves and play independently amongst the other children. In this case you can also come as a single parent and still make the most out of your training experience with us! 
Prices for adults: 
• First Adult pays the regular course fee (
• Second Parent (Option 1): will pay only 50% of the full course fee in case he/she doesn’t attend the workshops and/or switches classes alternately with the first parent (in that case you can come with children of any age)
• Second Parent (Option 2): in case both of the parents want to take part on all classes and bring one or more children please follow our recommendation as mentioned above (children above 5 years who don’t mind playing half of the day under the supervision of our caretakers)
Prices for children:
0-2 years = are free
5-10 years = € 250.-
10+ = € 300.-
(please specify the name and age of your children at the additional checkbox on the registration form for adults and we will send you a payment request and invoice
Addition Information:
Please note that our rooms are only for 2 parents + children and can not be booked by a single parent alone! Most of our rooms have private bathrooms and in each house there is a kitchen for you to use! Please also bring some mats for your kids to play, lay and chill in the grass as well as on the wooden floor of the apartments!
Last but not least:
This is a community event and the main focus is on facilitating movement arts like yoga, acrobatics & dance. Please note that there will be a strong focus on training and expressing your body in many new ways! Also understand that we are not a children camp where parents come and drop their youngsters off for the week. It will be a group effort and we all work together to make an unforgettable week for everybody 😉 In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
Love & Light,
your Team