– CTC

This program is meant for everybody who is joining our retreats! While our morning sessions are based on set workshops we have decided to spend our afternoon sessions with our new format called CTC (customized training with coaches). In this time you can chose with whom (other students) and what (content) you want to work on. All teachers will be present in this time giving you refinements (according to your level), tricks and tips for further progressions. This is the perfect opportunity for all those who want to deepen their practice.
Here is how it works:

1.) You chose what to work on, there will be a white board for you to specify which topics you’d like to work on. For example:

  • L-basing basics
  • inversions & handstands
  • washingmachines
  • hand2hand
  • icarian games
  • whips
  • and so on

2.) On each afternoon session we will make an introduction and open the CTC with some input for you.

All this came from the request of many of our returning students who have expressed the wish to work on certain specializations as well get the opportunity to work 1on1 with a coach to improve with more direction! But these practicing hours are also a great opportunity for our new students. For example to repeat what you have learned in the morning hours, but also to deepen your skills with like minded people!