– CTC

We have a new training format and it is called CTC (customized training with coaches)

This program is meant for everybody joining the retreat! It is some kind of free practicing hours with teachers & coaches being present to give tipps, tricks and refinments. It is an oppertunity for all those who want to deepen their practice, while spending time with like minded movement enthusiasts! In the past we have been teaching 4,5h of acro daily, split into two classes (2,5h morning and 2h afternoon) but for 2019 we have a sweet new refinment for you! 
The morning sessions will be held in the same format as always, 1,5h of warmup, breakfast and 2,5 hours of acro classes but the afternoons will be dedicated to a coaching based practice, which means:
1.) You chose what to work on, there will be a flipchart with topics like:
  • progressive drills & calibrations
  • handstands
  • hand2hand
  • icarian games
  • whips
  • washingmachines
  • dance acro
  • and many more

2.) there will be multiple teachers simuntanouisly coaching and facilitating your time with the best learning experience.

All this came from the request of many of our returning students who have expressed the wish to work on certain specialization as well get the oppertunity to work 1on1 with a coach to improve with more direction! These practicing hours are not only a great oppertunity for our new students. For example to repeat what they have learned in the morning hours but also beneficial for our advanced students, who want to deepen their skills with their chosen teachers! 
What are you waiting for ~ come and book your spot with us here!!!!