About us

About us
barefootyoga.me represents a native connection to mother earth. A handful of movement enthusiasts representing a whide spectrum of principals coming from Dance, Acrobatics, Functional Movement, Yoga, Bodywork, Mediation, Nutrition, Photography, Community Building and more. Our goal is to inspire people to find back into a life filled with equanimity, health and peace. Whether your coming from a yogic philosophy, a circus practice, climbing or any other movement background, barefootyoga.me is the right place to start and take your practice into the next level.

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Our Trainings

In our retreats we offer a life changing experience for many as we have seen over the past years. We are teaching basic and advanced techniques with 8 hours of daily practice. Together we are going to explore the offerings of a professional movement based mentoring customised to the practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice but will also unfold an essential aspect of your most inner self. ॐ Find out more about our Retreats here!

Previous Events

For more then 6 years we have been hosting our barefootyoga.me retreats and more then 2000 people have been learning and sharing their experiences with us. It lies in our nature that we keep on refining our events so that our participants have the best times of their lifes. We do not only share important principals in the week we spend time together but also share tools which people can take home to their friends and families. For us it is important that people conclude our trainings and go home with a feel of integration and sustainability of what they have learned with us.

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Founder of barefootyoga.me

Ishine Gape (founder of barefootyoga.me & ishine photography) is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well Massage Therapist with more then 10 years of experience. Originally from Austria, Gape loves to spend his time traveling, hiking, freediving, eating yummi food and taking photos. With a heart full of humor and well sized arms to hug almost everybody and everything, he is facilitating a whide variety of trainings in europe and beond. Gape is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the oppertunity to embrace his students and encourage them to find freedom through movement exploration, the art of play & community building. Find out more about Ishine Gape here!Our Projects

Every year we come up with something new. It’s our passion towards movement which doesn’t allow us to rest. We simply enjoy the ride and get easily excited by the momentum of life. This urge of sharing our art with the world, something which will be remembered, a sign, a vibration, a love letter to this world. Doesn’t matter if we’re in the deepest part of the forest, climbing a mountian or scouting for a new urban location in the middle of rush hour. It is art which connects us and helps us pushing our limits! Understanding that nothing is forever and that we could be gone all by tomorrow, we believe that everyday should be lived and celebrated as it would be your last one.