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Impressions from our latest AcroVenture Retreat in Croatia:

Refreshing autumn memories from our time together last September! This week has been magical in so many ways and we are grateful to have had so many people co-creating, supporting and joining us this season ~ See you again soon 👣

Retreat Season 2020:

Each one of our trainings consists of a 6-day holiday package, filled with 35 hours of movement explorations, two levels of acrobatics, community spirit and endless fun! Come and get down with us here: www.barefootyoga.me/retreats

Movement = LIFE Retreat:

barefootyoga.me is offering you their first Movement = LIFE Retreat! This retreat is brought to you by the two movement enthusiasts and creative heads Ishine Gape & David Suppan. Read more about this retreat here: www.barefootyoga.me/movement-is-life/
Holi Powder Acro Shooting 2019

Inspired by our friend Lex from @blackpearlmovement we started to put more of our free time into holi powder acro shootings. Thats the result from last year, let us know what you think www.barefootyoga.me/holipowder

Good news, each participant of our retreat gets a free shooting! This will give you the perfect opportunity to take your memories back home and share your experiences with your friends and family. For impressions and inspiration check: www.ishinephotography.me

Interview with Ishine Gape (founder of barefootyoga.me):

In this interview Ishine Gape offers a handful of important answers to questions about his lifestyle, work and thoughts about life. Have a look yourself: www.barefootyoga.me/interview-with-ishine-gape/

Peaceful Warrior Flow on People Are Awesome

12 Million views in 2 weeks. That’s f…. epic <3

We believe that teamwork is the force in life that builds up honesty, truthfulness & community. Anybody out there seeking self-realization shall find their fullest potential through something so beautiful and empowering like Acro.

Beautiful Acroyoga Duo

The balance is strong in this one ✨
Thanks: barefootyoga.me

Posted by People Are Awesome on Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Watch the full Video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Aw5_U-YC3E