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In our retreats we offer a life changing experience for many as we have witnessed over the past years. We are teaching basic and advanced techniques with 8 hours of daily practice. Our offerings include a professional movement based mentoring, customized to our practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice, but also to unfold essential aspects of your innermost self. ॐ


New year, new goals and we give our best to strive for the finest AcroYoga Retreats in Europe. Are you ready for our 6-day holiday packages filled with movement exploration, laughter, joy and community spirit? Make sure to save the dates.

Movement = LIFE

Meet our Movement = LIFE Retreat! This retreat combines principles coming from functional movement, bodywork, yoga, breathwork and work with natural materials likes clay, wood and stone. We are super stoked to see this new format unfolding in our eco-farm in Slovenia.

Meet your Guest Teachers

Our programs is determined by the constellation of our guest teachers. Check out our retreats to see who is teaching and why they are so good in what they do.

Turn that SWAG ON!

Blasting away with Millette Núñez & Ishine Gape at the Adriatic sea! Both passionate about movement, addicted to height and everything that makes them spin till they swag no more. Check out our youtube channel for some rad videos 💣

Free photo shoot for you

Each student participating in our retreats will get the chance to join a professional photo shoot. This will give you the perfect opportunity to take your memories back home and share your experiences with your friends and family. Check out our photographer’s page

Weekly ZOOM classes by @movewithgabe

Join us for two Mobility & Handstand classes weekly. In this 1 hour class Gabe will offering you a nice mix of mobility & strengthening exercises, floor work drills, handstands exercises (for all levels) and plenty more to keep your body fit n’ healthy. If you’d like to participate please register here.

Interview with the founder of

In this interview Gabriel Schüers will be answering a hand full of inspiring questions about his love for movement, his history as a teacher and his life style on the road. Read all about it here.

Peaceful Warrior Flow on People Are Awesome

12 Million views in 2 weeks. That’s f… epic <3

We believe that teamwork is the force in life that builds up honesty, truthfulness & community. Anybody out there seeking self-realization shall find their fullest potential through something so beautiful and empowering like Acro. Click here to watch the people are awesome feature or this link to the full video on Youtube.