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Retreat Season 2020:

Each one of our trainings consists of a 6-day holiday package, filled with 35 hours of movement explorations, two levels of acrobatics, community spirit and endless fun! Come and get down with us here: www.barefootyoga.me/retreats

Movement = LIFE Retreat:

barefootyoga.me is offering you their first Movement = LIFE Retreat! This retreat is brought to you by the two movement enthusiasts and creative heads Ishine Gape & David Suppan. Read more about this retreat here: www.barefootyoga.me/movement-is-life/

Turn that SWAG-ON!

Blasting away with Millette Núñez & Ishine Gape at the adriatic sea! Both passionate about movement of all sorts, addicted to height and everything that makes them spin till they swag no more.. Come and study with us on one of the upcoming retreats www.barefootyoga.me/retreats 💣

Holi Powder Acro Shooting 2019

Inspired by our friend Lex from @blackpearlmovement we started to put more of our free time into holi powder acro shootings. Thats the result from last year, let us know what you think www.barefootyoga.me/holipowder

Impressions from our latest AcroVenture Retreat in Croatia:

Refreshing autumn memories from our time together last September! This week has been magical in so many ways and we are grateful to have had so many people co-creating, supporting and joining us this season ~ See you again soon 👣

Good news, each participant of our retreat gets a free shooting! This will give you the perfect opportunity to take your memories back home and share your experiences with your friends and family. For impressions and inspiration check: www.ishinephotography.me

Interview with Ishine Gape (founder of barefootyoga.me):

In this interview Ishine Gape offers a handful of important answers to questions about his lifestyle, work and thoughts about life. Have a look yourself: www.barefootyoga.me/interview-with-ishine-gape/

Peaceful Warrior Flow on People Are Awesome

12 Million views in 2 weeks. That’s f…. epic <3

We believe that teamwork is the force in life that builds up honesty, truthfulness & community. Anybody out there seeking self-realization shall find their fullest potential through something so beautiful and empowering like Acro.

Beautiful Acroyoga Duo

The balance is strong in this one ✨
Thanks: barefootyoga.me

Posted by People Are Awesome on Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Watch the full Video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Aw5_U-YC3E