– Spring Upside Down Retreat (27. May – 2. June 2017) Retreats for Heart n’ Soul ॐ
In our Retreats are teaching basic and advanced techniques with 8 hours of daily practice including Acrobatics, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Thai Massage & Meditation. Together we are going to explore the offerings of a professional movement based mentoring customised to the practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice but will also unfold an essential aspect of your most inner self. 

About the Practice:
This retreat is offering you a wide range of playful elements, including important principals of Acrobatics (L-basing, Partner-Acro, Dutch & Israeli Flows, Washing Machines), Monkey Business, Open Play, Contact Improv, Axis Syllabus and much more. The heart of this week will be about cultivating trust, strength and flexibility, within ourselves and as a community of dedicated movers.

Your Holliday Package:
Alongside the intensive practice (its up to you how many classes your going join) you will find many opportunities to spend your time outdoors. You have the chance to refresh yourself in one of the two pools, explore the surrounding nature, take an afternoon stroll to the beach or a quick ride into town, which could be Rovinj or Pula (two of the most beautiful towns in whole Croatia).

Daily routine:
Following a variety of the morning movement improvements, you will learn how to build up the day with an important skill set. In this time of the day each one of you will find their own level and achievements. The integration and focus on handstands, L-basing (Laying Acroabtics) and S-basing (Standing Acrobatics) will be an important aspects of our daily routine. In the afternoon we dedicate our time to the playfull side of moving. Elements with lesser form like Contact Improvisation and Adaigo (Dance Acrobatics) will be your main game untill we follow up with a feasty dinner and a final connective bodywork practice before we go to bed.

08:00-09:30 Warm Up
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:00 Handstands & Acrobatics
13:00-16:00 Lunch & Siesta
16:00-18:00 Contact Improv & Acrobatics
18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:30 Thai Massage & Flying Bodyworks (Yin Time)
Will be alternated every other day by:
20:00-21:30 Campfire & Chanting

• Basics & Technique
• Flow & Rhythm
• Choreography & Body language
• Partner Calibrations & Progressions
• Endless Fun & Community Spirit
• Good news ~ This is an All Levels Retreat (no prerequisites are necessary)!

2 Sound Healing Workshops
Chanting & Singing Circles
Daily 3 hours of childcare (in case someone wants to bring their children)

The Venue:
In the midst of endless hectares of olive groves we will find shelter in 200-year-old and newly renovated farmhouses. The smell of lavender, rosemary and other herbs is so omnipresent that it’ll be easy to pour our full energy into the adventure of movement exploration.

Dining with us:
We strive to provide you local and seasonal food from eco-villages and organic markets around the area. Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian delights from our kitchen.

Spring Upside Down Team 2016:

TIA_00091u23_smallIshine Gape: is well known for his dynamic, humorous and at the same time profound teaching. He is a trained massage therapist, yoga and acrobatics teacher, social worker and globetrotter and has been working in the field of body works for more than 10 years. Gabriel is the owner and creator of and spreads his love for movement and teamwork all over Austrian and Europe. His goal is to lead people back into a life filled with joy and lightness. Gape: “The only way into valuable, free and sustainable living is to recognise the value of community and the confrontation on every little layer.”



Mito TheFlyingMonkey: The love for movement, for exploring the possibilities of our bodies individually and together as well as the characteristics and qualities associated with it has blessed Mito with a lot of wonderful moments, connections and experiences. He has dedicated his time to understand movement untill the most possible and subtle level. His gift is to create class setting where every student will learn how to unfold his most possible potential. Mito is great in sequencing and knows more about Acro then any other person around. Mito is a certified teacher, full time AcroYogi and rickshaw driver 😉




Sibylle Langauer: Sibylle Langauer, born in Vienna is a certified Yoga- & AcroYoga instructor as well Nuad-Bodyworker (Thaimassage). Through her intense dedication in further education in different movement styles like Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa-Flow, Yin-Yoga, etc. she has gathered a whide understandment in empowering others to move wholistically. She has more then two decades of experiences in movement as well has she found her love in AcroYoga in 2010.. Sybilles focuses on a organic, wholistic and trustful way of moving together so that everybody from any heritage, age or constitition can unfold their fullest potential. In this retreat Sibylle is going to share her love in AcroYoga and other movement styles with you.


Markus Rass: Markus is a dedicated bodyworker for more then 10 years. His intensive dedication has brought him into a fusion of many bodywork styles. In this evolution he has created a special way to touch. A touch which is based on playfullnes and creativity. Markus: “Life is all about listening. If you know how to listen you will start to break out of patterns and you will remember where the foundation of true touch is based on.





Simon Kathan: Simon has gotten the golden badge for athletic performances after practicing martial arts for more then 23 years. He has been practicing AcroYoga for quite a while now and wants to dedicate his time in teaching and sharing his knwonledge in movement. His humourus side and deep knownledge is the best addition for our community. As a father of 2 children living in Vorarlberg, Austria he is visiting the 3rd time our Spring Upside Down Retreat. Simon will be teaching a fine mix out of Warmup, Drills and Flying Therapeutics on this Retreat.



Language: This retreat will be taught in english and german (if necessary).

Beginning & End times of the Retreat:
Arrival: Saturday May 27th, 2017 – Your rooms will be available at 4 pm. Around 6 pm we will offer you dinner including our welcome circle & introduction to our weakly schedule.
: Friday June 2nd, 2017 – We will conclude our retreat with the breakfast and departure at 10 am latest.

The price includes:
6 x Lodging (please bring your own tent if you chose the tent option)
3 warm vegetarian meals a day
8 hours of teachings daily
Holiday and training all rolled into a juicy package
Meeting true friends for life

Registration: Please click this link for further Information about your booking:

Stancija Negrin d.o.o.
Negrin 56, HR 52215 Vodnjan

By Car:
Graz – Istria 4:25 h
Vienna – Istria 6:00 h
Munich – Istria 6:00 h

By Plane:
Nearest Airport is Pula or Rovinj / Pick Up & Shuttle Service from the airport available for €10.-

Car pooling:
Looking for a ride? Post your inquiry on our facebook event page “ – Spring Upside Down” or have a look in the doodle car pooling link we have send you with your registration.

We are looking for volunteers who support our kitchen crew during the upcoming retreats. For more information click here:


Love, Light and Happiness your, Team












Impressions from our last years Spring Upside Down Retreat: