Nuad-Thai-Yoga is an ancient art of healing which originated in Southeast Asia. As it has been influenced by Buddhism and the practices of the Buddha itself. Nuad-Thai-Yoga is a practice that is characterised by loving kindness and giving from the heart. Devotion, impartiality, mindfulness and an meditative attitude are the essential principles of Nuad treatments.

Trough rhythmical movements of the body, application of pressure along energy lines (also called Zen lines), passive stretching, joint mobilisation and gentle rocking of the fasciae, a deep relaxation of body, mind and soul can be achieved.

Effects of a Nuad-Thai-Yoga treatment:

  • Enhanced blood circulation and reinvigoration of different body parts
  • Relief and relaxation of the whole musculosceletal system
  • Balancing of increased tension in muscles and fasciae
  • Stimulation of intestines, gland functions and digestion
  • Support and strengthening of metabolism and immune system
  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

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