Flying Bodyworks

Flying Bodyworks

During a Flying Bodyworks session the receiver is being led into different yoga poses on and off the ground. We use precise massage techniques and our good friend gravity to release muscular tensions and blockades.

The main focus of the practice lies on listening without judgement, observation and a mindful touch coming from the center.We focus on creating a space in which the receiver can let go and deeply relax on different levels.

Flying Bodyworks activates the parasympathetic nervous system which controls most of the internal organs and the blood circulation. It has a calming, recovering and conservative effect, serves to build up the body’s own resources and supports the immune system. After just a few minutes of “weightlessness” our body begins to remember the state of childlike trust, flowing pleasure and deep relaxation.

Through this experience the receiver learns to let go on different levels and gains power in order to unfold her/his self-healing powers. Barefoot Airlines wishes a pleasant flight!

Please bring:

  • comfortable clothes
  • enough time
  • curiosity

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